Meet Our Wonderful Friends! on Wed.

2020 SMP! 参加グループ、パフォーマーの紹介3日目は....(ドラムロール〜〜〜〜😎)

Today we present to you all,


Hello! We are the Kozukue Elementary School Marching Band from Yokohama City!


We are enjoying our "Special, Smile, Music" band activities. We only have one hour after school on Wednesdays and three hours on Saturdays, perform our repertoires at the end of every practice. Aiming for a special music for this year only.


野上孟(Hajime Nogami)さん


Mr. Hajime Nogami has taught a wide range of marching bands in Japan and abroad, from composing and arranging music, technical guidance to overall direction. He is also active as a drum set and marching tenor drum artist.


You might not expect his speedy and powerful performance from his usual, soft-spoken voice.