2023 Sirius Music Party!は、再び小田原三の丸ホールで!!

マーチングをベースに、演奏やダンスで感動をお届けする楽しいイベント、"Sirius Music Party!"。地元小田原市内は元より、各地から吹奏楽部や一般団体のプレーヤーが集います。

Winter Marching Party in Kyoto

今年も京都でWinter Marching Partyを開催します。





2018 Music Party! Photo Album

"Pay It Forward"

“Music Party! 2018” were progressively held in various places. The local mascots connected each event ;-) Many players coming and going among places had the wunderful opportunities to play the music together and enjoy.

2018 Music Party! Digests

Music Party! in Fukushima 2018.5.27

Spring Marching Party! in Yokohama 2018.4.22

Music Party! in Akita 2018.3.18

Party! in Yokohama 2018.2.25

Music Party! in Odawara 2018.2.10