Meet Our Wonderful Friends! on Sat.

今週ラストは、花館小マーチングバンド、SENDAI Verduresの皆さまとパーカッショニスト、大窪研二さんを紹介します😁

I would like to introduce to you all the Hanadate E.S. Marching Band, Sendai Verdures and percussionist Kenji Okubo.


Hello! We're the HMB Hanadate Elementary School Marching Band from Daisen City. We are enjoying with 25 players from 3rd to 6th grade.

今年度は「地域の皆様に音楽の楽しさと感謝を伝えよう」を活動のめあてとして、学校や地域のために何ができるか考えながら日々の練習に取り組んできました。今年度のショータイトルは「Snow  Life」秋田の冬の厳しさや楽しさ、春への希望を演奏演技で表現します。よろしくお願いします!

We have been practicing every day, thinking about what we can do for the school and the community. The title of this season is "Snow Life", expressing the harshness and joy of winter and the hope for spring in Akita through our performance. We look forward to seeing you there!

私たちSENDAI Verdures(センダイヴァーデュアーズ)は仙台市内を中心に活動している一般マーチングバンドです。Verdureとは『新緑の若葉・若葉の緑』を意味し、杜の都・仙台をイメージしてつけられました。

Sendai Verdures, a marching band is active around Sendai city, Miyagi Pref. "Verdure" means green of young leaves", which is an image of Sendai, the City of Trees.


We will be celebrating our 30th anniversary next year, and we are planning to hold a memorial concert in May. Please visit Sendai next year for Golden Week and join our concert, when the greenery will be beautiful!


Kenji Okubo has been teaching many bands and artists in Japan and abroad. He is a member of the professional drumming group "-Core-", which uses marching percussion, and is also active as a solo player. He has appeared at events, TV programs, and touring live performances of artists all over the country, captivating audiences with his powerful drumming.