Meet Our Wonderful Friends!

 ■from Thailand

Mr. Kasem joined us the last year's SMP!, he joined us again the December 5th pre-event, while driving (in the passenger seat, of course, not while driving 😅). He always gives us inspiration for the joy of music and international exchange.


Mr. Kasem from Thailand🇹🇭, is a percussionist with the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and teaches many groups. He always delivers beautiful music that resonate with us, teach music in his own unique way.


This year, the clarinet ensemble of Kasetsart University, where Kasem is a member, will be participating in the video.



At the pre-event, I'd like to introduce the Kozukue Elementary School Marching Band, along with COZMIC and canvas, delivered a performance from the music room! A high school player asked me, "Are you really an elementary school student?" I was so happy to hear that! We'll do our best for the main event!


Hello! We are the Kozukue Elementary School Marching Band from Yokohama, with 29 members from 2nd to 6th grade. The title of this year's show is "Time Travelers," a nostalgic song and melody familiar to all generations. I'm sure you'll find yourself wanting to sing along. Let's have some fun together!

こんにちは!横浜市立小机小学校マーチングバンドです。2年生〜6年生の29人のメンバーで、元気に活動しています。今年度のショータイトルは「時をかける〜Time Travelers〜」です。世代を超えて親しまれる懐かしのあの曲、あのメロディ...つい口ずさみたくなるのではないでしょうか?聴いてくださる皆さんも、ぜひぜひ一緒に楽しみましょう!