Meet Our Wonderful Friends!


COZMIC is a new group that started their activities in Yokohama in 2021, and after their first stage on October 24, they are the new face of Sirius Music Party!

2021年に横浜で活動をスタートした新しいグループ、COZMIC。10月24日に初のステージを終え、Sirius Music Party!に初めて参加します。

We are former players of the Kozukue Elementary School Marching Band. This spring we got together and formed a new band. We participate in the band as a way to refresh ourselves in between schoolwork and club activities we are involved in. The number of times we participate and the style of practice are decided by each of us, and each of us takes initiative in our activities. We would like to make many memories with you.


Let’s have fun together!

Tokushima Indigoes Drum&Bugle Corps

The Indigoes joined us last year, this time they presented a wonderful show with video. At the pre-event, they used the Clapperboard to made SMP a lot of fun!


We are the "Tokushima Indigoes Drum & Bugle Corps" from Tokushima Prefecture! We have a wide range of ages, from first year junior high school students to adults, and we meet every week with the motto of "community-based activities"! This year we have created a show called "THE CINEMA" with the theme of making movies. Please sit back and enjoy with us!

徳島県から昨年に引き続き参加します、「Tokushima Indigoes Drum&Bugle Corps」です!中学1年生から社会人まで幅広い年齢で「地域に根ざした活動」をモットーに毎週集まって活動しています!今年度は"THE CINEMA"というタイトルで映画作りをテーマにショーを作りました。よろしくお願いします!

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■倉敷翠松高等学校マーチングバンド”Crystal Sounds”

At the pre-event, they presented a friendly and fun performance they recently gave at a local elementary school. The members of Crystal Sounds are known for their wide range of performances.

プレイベントでは、最近地域の小学校で行なった、フレンドリーで楽しい演奏演技を披露。幅の広いパフォーマンスが魅力のCrystal Soundsの皆さんです。

This year's theme title is "HOME" - Behind the Door. We adopted "Kaerou" by Kaze Fujii, an artist from Okayama Prefecture who is currently making a big breakthrough, and "Daijo-bu" by Radwimps, which was used in the movie "The Weather Boy. We hope that our show, which expresses "liberation" and "cohesion", will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

今年のテーマタイトルは "HOME" Behind the Door〜。現在大ブレイク中の岡山県出身アーティスト,藤井風さんの「帰ろう」や,映画「天気の子」で使われたRADWIMPSの「大丈夫」を採用しました。コロナ禍だからこそ,<解放>と<寄り添い>を表現した私たちのshowを通して,あったか〜い気持ちになって頂ければ幸いです❤️