2021 Sirius Music Party!

"2021 Sirius Music Party!(SMP!)" the event was held twice, on December 5 and 19, 2021, and ended successfully. This event started in December 2000, is now in its 21st year, aiming to be a collaboration rather than a competition.

The band players have been working hard in spite of various restrictions on their activities due to COVID-19. We have been holding live performances and workshops as much as we can. in December, SMP! was held in a remote system (Zoom) to connect them. Although the environment in each location is very different, we gathered at Zoom as we did last year to perform shows and cheer each other on.

On the day of the event, some bands presented powerful live performances, while others participated in pre-recorded sessions and watched in a relaxed atmosphere. In each style, we shared a good time! We had always felt that there were inevitably limitations to communicating music through Zoom, but the sense of being able to enjoy and play with the music because of this environment was refreshing.