Meet Our Wonderful Friends!

 ■Sensational ZIP


At the pre-event, S.ZIP gave a cool and stylish performance from the practice hall. Their performance in Yurihonjo City the following week attracted not only the audience but also the school band players who participated.

Sensational ZIPは、秋田県大仙市を拠点に、高校生から一般社会人まで幅広い年代で活動しているマーチングバンドです。私たちは今年発足30周年を迎えることができました。これまで支えて下さった地域の方々や世界各地の仲間たち、今回SMP!でご一緒する皆さんに感謝の気持ちを込めて演奏します!

Sensational ZIP is a marching band based in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture, with members ranging in age from high school students to adults. This year, we celebrated our 30th anniversary. We will be performing to express our gratitude to the people in the community who have supported us, to our friends around the world, and to everyone who will be joining us at SMP!

Mountain Ash Yamagata

山形から参加のMountain Ashの皆さん、プレイベントではクリスマス仕様の衣装で楽しく参加くださいました。

Mountain Ash Yamagata, They enjoyed participating in the pre-event in their Christmas costumes!


We are working with the idea of 'enjoying music in our own lifestyles'. This time, we are filming a video to bring the best of Yamagata to you with music related to Yamagata. We hope you enjoy it.