A report on Sensational Zip's activities from Akita

This article is a report on Sensational Zip's activities from Akita Prefecture. On May 22 (Sun.), the band performed at the regular concert sponsored by the Omagari Senboku District Band Association. 

The concert was held over two days, with a total of 24 groups participating, including elementary, junior high, high school, and general brass bands. Sensational ZIP performed a brass ensemble, a percussion show, and three ensembles with brass and percussion. 

It had been a long time since we had performed on stage, but we were very happy to be able to perform in the community and to receive warm applause up close since we were face-to-face ✨. 

Our motto was to do what we can do now to the best of our ability. We were able to present our performance in a relaxed mood, which we enjoyed to the fullest as players. 

It was a heartening encouragement for our future activities. We hope to continue our performance act to make the land of Akita shine even brighter!