(English) Sirius Music Party! was completed

On Sun. Apr. 26th, we completed our annual event Sirius Music Party! in Odawara, Japan without any difficulties.

The auditorium was packed to capacity and the excitement had risen throught the show! We would like to thank from the bottom of our heart the people who came to see our show, also those who supported and cheered for us.

Many performers with individual personalities assembled from different places again, and created dramatic memories.

On Apr. 25th the previous day of the event, we had a rehearsal at The Seisa University Hakone campus gymnasium. The local groups started their rehearsal in the morning. The groups from far away arrived before noon. The members of Sirius showed support and started conditioning, especially in preparation for the ensemble with all players. The gymnasium was crowded with so many people! It seemed like a boisterous party.

On Apr. 26th the party day had finally come! We hooked up with the hall staff and we started to prepare the setting of both the stage and the entrance. All the players enjoyed the rehearsal, watched other repertoires, gave each other support, every section assembled and enjoyed chatting with each other, saying hello, taking pictures of each other.....they spent their time in their own way.

The ensemble of all the players was began around noon. They were excited too much even though it was just a rehearsal. And then the dress rehearsal and curtains-up.

The show started! The theater was filled to capacity. The Opening piece was "In The Stone" by all the players. The audience began to clap their hands!!

The power of music and of the performers was great!!!! It's impossible to explain how we got such a big applause from only looking at photos with descriptions. Although we were reluctant to leave there, we had to return to our own hometown after the event that had finished too soon.

Everyone's dreams united to make our delightful memory. We will learn and sense a lot of things to realize the pleasant activities in the future to come.

Koichi Murakami, Yoshito Ebisawa, Shinya Takahashi

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